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  • Shayne Gallagher

    The guys at Therapy Insider are the go-to marketing gurus. They have their finger on the pulse of the mental health marketing. Their coaching and consultation is priceless. Our ROI has been better than expected, which is amazing.

    Shayne Gallagher Wingate Wilderness Therapy
  • Dr. Darlene Braden

    Therapy Insider launched my first campaign. I had no idea what I was going to do, or how to do it. But they took good care of me. Their guidance, coaching, and platform has been invaluable.

    Dr. Darlene Braden What Stops You
  • Owen Baisden

    Therapy Insider took personal care of our marketing needs. They seemed to know what we needed before we did. Their support and consultation was a huge relief. We owe them our appreciation and gratitude.

    Owen Baisden Turning Winds Academic Institute
  • Angie Woodward

    Therapy Insider seems to have a crystal ball. They anticipate the changes with Google, Facebook, and other important online platforms. We’ve been prepared and positioned to take advantage of the new online trends with search and social media.

    Angie Woodward Trinity Teen Solutions
  • Dr Cory Reich

    No one understands the mental health market like Therapy Insider. They’ve been dominating the mental health space for a decade. Their experience in the industry has helped many practices overcome the hurdles, and they are affordable.

    Dr Cory Reich
  • Sheri Gallagher

    If I want to know what is happening on the marketing front I know who to call. Therapy Insider has gotten us on the first page of Google search, and helped our Social Media grow exponentially.

    Sheri Gallagher
  • Josh White

    I turned everything over to Therapy Insider and we’ve been pleased ever since. What a relief. Every step of the way they’ve met our online marketing needs. Their training, consultation, and support was worth every penny.

    Josh White Red Mountain Sedona