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Therapy Insider Marketing is the #1 marketing platform designed specifically for mental health businesses. Through our online marketing platform mental health practices or programs like yours get all of your online marketing needs met through one intelligent easy to use service. ["Local Power Listing Ads" Artwork Here]

Plus, our experienced marketing team is available to provide technical support whenever you need it - we call it our Concerige Service, where we will do the work for you at no extra cost.

Reaching Your Local Audience

If you own a mental health practice or program you are a small business owner. As a small business you should
be advertising your business online, especially to your local audience.

You ask, "How do I do that?"   [ADD CALL TO ACTION BUTTON]

We recommend that you start by getting your business listed in the local business directories like Yellow Pages, Yelp, and Healthgrades. 

But before you do, consider using Therapy Insider's Concierge Service. We will get your mental health business listed in 55+ Local and National Business Directories and 4 Mental Health Directories, and then manage and monitor your listings for you. 

We Make Getting Listed Easy and Affordable

Look to Therapy Insider Marketing team to to add, synch, update, and monitor your business listings across all the most important online business directories. We will save you time and money through our Concierge Dervices for mental health businesses. 

For more info about our marketing Concierge Service for Mental Health businesses, click here.

To compete locally in today's Internet savvy world you need your business listed in all the online business directories. Moreover, your program or practice should also be listed in all the mental health business directories as well. In all, you should be in 55+ business directories.

"Therapy Insider's Concierge Marketing Service - we will list your practice or program in all the to business and mental health directories. We will do all the work for you!"

Business Directory Listings is simple marketing concept, and it is very affordable. The only drawback is that is time consuming. But we have an answer for that.

Did You Know: Over HALF of local business listings have errors with address or contact information? Check Your Current Online Presence now.


Listing your therapeutic services on local business directories sounds easy, but it's not. It's not like you visit a few online directories and input your contact information, and then walk away. In order to take full advantage of the advertising value you need to do much more than a basic set up. We will show you why!

Everyone is using online search to find your service or validate your reputation.

Almost 80% of online searchers will make their decision who to trust for their therapeutic needs as a result of what they find through online local directory listings and reviews. Don't you think it's important for your practice or program to be found by people searching in your area for help?

Let's take a step back and consider a few things, such as human behavior. You've no doubt used your mobile
 phone or desktop search to find for a local business such as a restaurant, hardware store, or auto mechanic. Once you conducted a search and picked your best option, you probably took the next step and looked up "customer reviews" before finally deciding on which businesses is right for you. This is how things are done today.

By performing the online search you trusted the search to provide you with the best list of options, or at least the nearest options. The same thing is happening with your prospective clients.

"We've might have ditched the big Yellow Pages phone book, but we haven't ditched the concept of Yellow Pages. We've simply shifted from a big fat bulky yellow phone book to using their mobile phone." 

Again, nearly 80% of your potential clients will use a local listing to find the nearest therapeutic service. Therefore, it is imperative that your mental health business is listed in as many local and national business directories as possible. 

Therapy Insider is the #1 marketing platform for mental health businesses. Through our online marketing platform designed for specifically for mental health practices or programs, you can get all of your online marketing needs met through one intelligent service. Plus, our experienced marketing team is available to provide technical support whenever you need it.

Therapy Insider Marketing - Local Business Directory Listings Made Easy

You can't control when folks will search for therapeutic services, but you can control if your practice shows in their search. We make sure that your business shows up in the top directories, including the mental health related business directories.  More listings means more visibility, so accuracy becomes vital. We will manage all of your directory listings and keep them undated and accurate. 

Right now there are people searching online for therapeutic and mental health services. They are looking for help, and they are comfortable using online directories. They are also using search to validate the reputation of practitioners and programs. 

You can bet that your next potential client will search for mental health services in the same way you look for restaurants, hardware stores, or auto mechanics. And, if they have been referred to you, before they call to set up an appointment they will looked you up online. 

More and more people are using online search than ever before. It's easy, convenient, and painless. In mere seconds, using online search a prospective client can be looking at a list of mental health counselors, therapists, psychologist, or substance abuse treatment program nearest them. You want to be online, or you are losing business.

Reputation Validation and Professional Reviews

What's more, the top marketing experts claim 85% of your clients checked you out on the Internet before deciding to make that first appointment. They went online to see what people are saying about you, and they want to read reviews from your past clients or professional colleagues.

People who are in need of mental health services in your area will either look for services online, or they will look for reviews about your practice or program before contacting you. The truth is that people trust local businesses directories.

"The question you should be asking is, "can people find my therapeutic practice using their smartphone or computer?" You can bet are finding your competitors online."

Your prospective clients are using their smartphone every day to get their business information. When the time comes to look for mental health help, they will do the same - they will do a quick Google search, or ask Siri's, "search marriage and family therapists near Sacramento, California." What's the bottom line? Internet marketing a now a must for any mental health business.

"Internet marketing is now an absolute requirement for any mental health practice or program. If you are not found in the local business directories you're losing business."

What's the good news for you? Therapy Insider has a local business directory software, it is a par of our "Concierge Service." We make getting set up with local online directories quick, easy, and painless. And there is more...

So, let's say you own mental health counseling practice, and you want to grow your business. The most affordable and practical way to be found by more people is to list your practice or program through various online local business directories.

It really is not that complicated. If you are looking to increase your local advertising, then your practice or program will need to be listed in ALL the local directories in your area.

What many mental health business owners don't realize, is that there are over 50 online business directories, and you need your business listed with each one of them. We'll admit, it's a lot of work registering in all of these business directory listings. However, it is invaluable to your business and worth the effort.

Once you've registered with all the business directories, be prepared to spend hours at-a-time, monitoring each directory. Every time you need to make an edit or change, be ready to login to each directory dashboard to make the manual updates. (Hint, this is a problem, and we can help you solve this problem with ease through Concierge Services).

Let more client's know your practice or program is there to serve them! Get Signed Up Therapy Insider's Local SEO today! 

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