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About Therapy Insider Marketing

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Led by seasoned veterans Curtis Reed and Craig Rogers, the Therapy Insider Marketing team offers a unique perspective on the world of mental health marketing. Having produced incredible results for mental health clients for the past 10 years, they are now bringing their industry secrets to, the premier online destination for finding answers to mental and behavioral health related questions.

In a former life, Craig Rogers got his industry start as an owner/operator of several therapeutic programs for adolescents. From the very beginning, Craig knew that "marketing" was the key to business success. Seeing the Internet as the key to reaching the masses, he began deciphering Googles algorithm and competing directly with Google Adwords to get organic leads online.

Within a year Craig had created a series of websites that were producing enough leads that he was able to sell off a majority of them to other programs. Before that happened, Craig was able to reduced his Ad spend with Google from over 40k a month to zero, and has never looked back.

Today Craig's marketing strategies are more powerful than ever before, and by joining forces with Curtis Reed and the rest of the team, they have produced a marketing model for Behavioral and Mental Health professionals that is second to none.

When Curtis joined the Therapy Insider Marketing Team, he immediately took the important role of "Branding Expert." Curtis Reed's branding expertise is proven, and we believe he can help any practitioner or program create their unique message, separating them from to stand apart from the rest of the pack.

Curtis and Craig's vision has been to help as many mental and behavioral health practitioners as possible tap into the "noble purposes" of marketing. Their motivation? To help more struggling people find the help they need and deserve."

Marketing Team

The Mental Health Marketing Gurus

Known throughout the industry as the mental health marketing "gurus" this team of savvy professionals have cracked the code for Practitioners by blending authenticity, empathy, understanding, and sensitivity into a marketing platform anchored in white hat organic search results.

Their unique approach is specifically designed for mental health businesses and has created thousands of phone calls and form fills each week since 2008. Curtis calls their unique approach, "Congruent Marketing” and it is the foundation that guides the Insider Marketing team.

In the last five years, they have expanded their incredible team of experienced mental health and digital marketing experts, and have made their resources available to any and all mental health professionals wanting to learn how to build a thriving mental health business.

Besides Curtis Reed and Craig Rogers, the Therapy Insider Marketing Executive Team (TIM), includes Eric Yunker as Senior Programmer, Cliff Painter as Creative Director, Mark Sampson as Chief Content Manager, and Dan Behymer, Executive Client Relations Director - together this team is known for their extensive marketing success in the Mental Health space.

What Makes Therapy Insider Marketing Different?

What makes TIM different? Through the vision and hard work of Curtis and Craig, we have found an effective way to blend authenticity, empathy, understanding, and sensitivity into a marketing theory - and now we want to teach you how it's done. Our mission is to show practitioners and therapeutic programs how to be “naturally therapeutic” in their marketing message.

We really "get" the mental health market, and we’ve helped transform many struggling mental health businesses into thriving ones. We want your practice to be next.

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