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The Therapy Insider Marketing Story

Dominating the Mental Health World Through Digital Marketing

The Therapy Insider Marketing team has dominated the digital marketing world in the mental health industry for the last decade. Our entrepreneurial spirit, combined with our keen listening skills helped us to earn the respect of therapists, psychologist, substance abuse counselors, and mental health programs.

We believe that mental health practitioners can be very competitive in building strong therapeutic businesses. We also believe when professionals build and nurture referral networks of respect, cooperation, and mutual benefit their practice or program will thrive. 


Curtis has taken the reins with the Therapy Insider Marketing Team, taking on the important role of “Marketing Insider.” Curtis’ looks forward to sharing his knowledge and experience wit you through his daily feed “Mental Health Marketing Tips of the Day”. His desire is that you take advantage of his wealth of knowledge.

Curtis Reed's marketing techniques are proven, and we believe they can help any practitioner or program achieve better results, while saving them both time and money. We recommend that you opt-in to receive Curtis’ daily tips (click here to opt-in).

Dedicated to Serving the Mental Health Industry - The Conceirge Approach

We are a Digital Marketing Agency dedicated to the mental health industry. We’ve been delivering stunning creative designs and implemened geo-targeted SEO campaigns for over 10 years now. Our team is equipped with the top designers, programmers, social media nerds, and strategists in the mental health world.

We are Internet Marketing experts who grew up with Google and we understand exactly what to do to help you reach top rankings in Google and beyond. Our organic growth system will allow you to quickly achieve top rankings for your specific practice or program, bringing qualified clients to your door each and every day.

Our mission is to help your reduce your current advertising spend by capturing your ideal audience through Internet marketing, organic SEO, and social media.

Therapy Insider - The Marketers to The Mental Health Industry

We are the "Marketing Insiders," providing mental health businesses with a customized tailor-made content marketing solution enhanced through a community building platform.

Moreover, we provide a full spectrum of inbound marketing solutions, including; local & national directory listings, content marketing, social media marketing, e-Commerce solutions, lead generation and lead management,automated referral systems, and email-lifecycle-retargeting campaigns for the purpose of attracting and converting web traffic into new clients.

Essentially, we help our clients grow through a number of sophisitcated digital marketing solutions. Our services are designed to create and distribute original and curated content for marketing through a proprietary high-level online framework designed specifically for our mental health clients.

Thus, Therapy Insider is poised to help mental health businesses create a strategic marketing plan directed at specialized campaigns that may include reputation management and/or repair.

We are the Difference Maker

As the Marketing Insiders we have the platforms, knowledge, skill sets and strategies to build an online community for mental health businesses, thus creating a distinct and tangible opportunity to conquer our client’s online market niche. We refer to this as the marketing "shift."

The Marketing Insider “shift” allows our clients to enter a new, more evolved, more exciting conversation and cut through the current unmediated noise that exists on the Internet.

With a direct approach to content marketing and community building, our mental health clients are able to we intersect existing online conversations, influence new narratives, and educate potential and existing customers - The power of the “WHY” presents our client’s brand as the answer and the solution to their ideal audience.

Marketing Insider has developed a comprehensive online marketing platform with community building capabilities for the purpose of increasing brand awareness, brand visibility, customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and new customer acquisition.

Marketing Insider has offers mental health businesses a complete online eco-system of digital marketing products and services, including, but not limited to:

  • Website Design & Development
  • Branding
  • Content Marketing
  • Community Building
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Lead Generation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • eCommerce Web Solutions

Our comprehensive social media, content and eCommerce platforms amplify engagement with new and seasoned clients in a way that dramatically increases overall brand awareness, visibility and customer satisfaction, and new client acquistion.

The Therapy Insider Community Building Ecosystem - TI 5.1

Our powerful marketing platform, contained and enhanced within its own online eco-system, is used to create several, distinct marketing channels, which will drive traffic back to our client's website to be a part of the community devoted to your messaging, mental health services and brand.

As a community-based social platform, the Therapy Insider Ecosystem (TI 5.1) is built to naturally find and keep brand advocates for our clients. Through a myriad of online sales and community building strategies, Therapy Insider and our clients join forces to build, educate, inspire and add value to the client’s community.

The TI 5.1 method is to provide high-quality content (comprised of articles, videos, blog and social media posts, sales funnels and email campaigns) that create an uplifting experience for brand advocates who then will reach out to family, friends, co-workers and associates to join in the fun.

Therapy Insider 5.1 Explained

The Therapy Insider 5.1 Community platform uses a direct approach. The direct approach is time-consuming, but intimate and effective. Our intention is to connect our client’s brands directly to the consumers and applicable networks across the web.

Through constant, real-time analytics we track the online conversations taking place and listen in on the feedback, opinions, critiques, reviews, praises and comments that people are saying. Therapy Insider team keeps close attention to our client’s brand and products. It is critical to assess this type of feedback to better know what folks internally and externally are saying online about your brand and trending community.

Therapy Insider 5.1 uses advanced analytic technology to track specific keywords and key phrases in real time, anywhere on the web and use that information to deliver critical content where and when it is needed. With our ear to the tracks our clients know what content to create, while discovering new audiences to tap into.

Through the Therapy Insider 5.1 Community platform our clients interact with followers as a group, or as individual members. The value of interacting with a close knit community of brand ‘advocates’ is unmeasurable. When loyal community members feel like they are important and have direct access to the company itself, they will freely share their positive experience with others - thus the community builds and thrives.

Our client’s audience is comprised of a variety of different folks, but connected by a singular passion. Their community is made up of enthusiasts who are informed, becoming brand advocates, thus attracting consumers and other industry gurus. Therapy Insider builds a robust community who feel like all-stars - receiving a certain level of individualized attention, communicating with members on an individual level by providing an experience that is unique to them and their needs.

The Therapy Insider TI Ecosystem keeps consumers and customers on our client’s website by hosting relevant conversations in real-time.

Why should Facebook, Twitter, and all the rest get the merits of all the “engagement” (traffic and audience activity)? The goal of the Therapy Insider client is to be the host of the conversation so that their are continually engaged while inviting others to join the conversation.

Therapy Insider 5.1 turns your website into its own social network. While paying attention to the audience, the Therapy Insider 5.1 platform (as a function of the RF online eco-system) creates a continuous conversation about the brand mission, satisfaction of products, and recommendations to others who would enjoy the services.

Our client’s audience have one thing in common - an ongoing positive experience of the brand. The brand’s community through Therapy Insider 5.1 will unite members through their shared interest and valued experience. The added value will be the increased activity on your website and all the SEO benefits of the momentum therein.

Giving Back 

The Therapy Insider TI Ecosystem is more than just a method of increasing sales and building brand awareness, or at least it should be. It is also a prime opportunity for our client’s to give back to their loyal customers.

Providing rewards and incentives to members of the community who are driving conversations and engaging with our their brand - setting them apart from everyone else; giving their customers a reason to keep the loyalty close.

The Therapy Insider TI Ecosystem clients are able to by stand behind social and cultural movements on things that are important to the company and the community alike. Moreover, our clients can provide direct rewards and incentives to members who are doing incredible things for the brand and for the health of the world at large.

By highlighting community members for going above and beyond, our client’s can take customer relations to a whole new level.

Give Your Community a Voice

The Therapy Insider 5.1 platform gives your community members a place to share theri voice.

In addition, through the online community platform, the Therapy Insider client is able to showcase user-generated content - thus promoting your fans and the good work they are doing. The platform is able to give gifts, create contests, and reward any member, not just top users.

Therapy Insider 5.1 also enables our clients to have a personal touch with their customers in ways that most companies cannot fathom - thus building relationships that promote fans and leave them feeling connected to a genuine and caring community of real people doing real things. This is the benefit that helps to set the stage for future products deliverables.

Also, by listening to what the members of the community have to say allows for our clients to gather invaluable intel. By highlighting and respecting the member’s input, the intel will be valid and pertinent. Our client’s community members can be very persuasive and influential to market demographics; therefore, the Therapy Insider 5.1 TI Ecosystem allows our client’s to be constantly tapped into the flow of vital market info.

Getting Started

As stated: The goal is to get our client’s audience in connection with the the Therapy Insider online eco-system, thus becoming the premier brand in the marketplace.

Therapy Insider assists our clients in giving their customers a unique way to engage, share and enjoy their distinct brand and culture, well beyond the products. The Therapy Insider 5.1 TI Ecosystem builds a community of loyal customers through real-time, personal communication.

Our client’s are able to ask the right questions and engage in conversations that help them to better know their audience, thus increasing their ability to tailor messages that drive engagement and sales.

With the right community management system, our clients attract new customers and create true brand advocates.

End result: People flock to be a part the trending conversation and atmosphere happening inside the inspiring and energetic brand community.