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6 SEO Advantages Small Practices Have Over Major Mental Health Companies

6 SEO Advantages Small Practices Have Over Major Mental Health Companies

6 SEO Advantages Small Practices Have Over Major Mental Health Companies
6 SEO Advantages Small Practices Have Over Major Mental Health Companies

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Despite what you might think small businesses do have distinct SEO advantages that big businesses do not, especially in the Mental Health industry. Obviously, the big businesses have their advantageous. However, once we've gotten past that reality, and you focus on the strategic options you do have as a small business owner, you can get started on implementing the advantages and enjoying online success.

As small business owners (mental health practice) you can't spend time or energy thinking about the advantages that the big corporations have, instead you should take advantage of everything they don't have! The bigger mental health businesses, normally national companies, do not dominate the search engine world like you'd think, and often it's the strategic local practices or local programs that hog up the search results for key money terms.

It might be true that the big corporations have a ton of money to invest into digital marketing (especially content marketing), along with an entire marketing staff to implement and run their online marketing campaigns. However, what they don't have allows for the small business owners like you to position yourself for great gain. The bigger businesses are not as nimble, and they don't have the local market intel of a local mental health business. The larger national corporations are hard pressed to hit the local market like you can. 

So, we've found some excellent SEO advice for local mental health businesses and we have shared it with you below. Timothy Carter published a recent article on Small Business Trends - September 5th, 2016. Carter lays out 6 advantages that small businesses can use to effectively compete against the giants. Carter's article is specific to the mental health arena, but the points he makes is valuable for any smaller local business competing against the larger corporations.

SEO for Small Business Advantages

1. Niche targeting. First, as a small business, you likely cater to a much more specific niche. A large business like Home Depot might cater to general homeowners with general needs like “home repair” or “plumbing issues,” so they can target these high-traffic, generalized keyword phrases. But by contrast, a local hardware store might be able to offer more hands-on help, and cater to specific types of homes and businesses in a given community. This makes it more valuable for small businesses to seek out and optimize for long-tail keywords, which don’t get quite as much volume, but are much more targeted (not to mention less competitive.)

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This article, "6 SEO Advantages Small Businesses Have Over Major Firms" was first published on Small Business Trends

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