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We Make it Easy to Be Successful.

#1 - Easy Sign Up: It's Fast, Simple and Stress FREE - just the way you need it.. In just a few minutes your practice or program will be in front of potential clients looking for your therapeutic services.

#2 - Easy Launch: Create your Therapy Insider profile and launch a powerful micro website with our easy-to-use step-by-step dashboard. In minutes you will be promoting your business online.

  • Brand your business with your logo
  • Choose your professional services
  • Display your location(s), contact info, and insurance providers
  • Add images and videos
  • Add client reviews
  • Link up to your website
  • Share your social media channels
  • and be ready to publish your first article

#3 - Easy Discovery: Our Automated SEO Marketing Platform does all the work for you. Just set it up and walk away. You’re done! We will take it from here. But be sure to come back and publish new articles, share on social media, and add new clients reviews!

BONUS BENEFITS:  A few more reasons to sign up today!

  • Save Time and Energy - We’ve done the hard work for you! Once you're set up, our system goes to work immediately, promoting your business profile and blog posts on Google, Bing and Yahoo.
  • Build Your Online Credibility - You’ll get recognized by Google for your online Expertise, Authority and Trust. Therapy Insider is built for Google’s new “RankBrain” technology (Machine-learning and Artificial Intelligence Systems).
  • Manage Your Online Referrals - From your TI dashboard you can manage your referrals with our Referral Management System. As new qualified leads come in, you are immediately notified by the system and can reach out to them in minutes.
  • Mental Health Marketing Coaching and Consultation - Our team of mental health marketing experts will share their knowledge and expertise with you directly and through email and webinars. You will have incredible support and direction at your fingertips.

Why Trust the Therapy Insider Marketing Team? We are Marketing's what we do!

Our team of mental health marketing experts help your business succeed online without you having to become an Internet Guru. We set up your processes and then our system does the work.

1. Stand Out Online -It’s a partnership. Our automated SEO marketing platform is specifically designed for mental and behavioral health businesses like yours. You focus on operating your practice or program while we focus on your online marketing.

2. SEO Specialists - Therapy Insider is designed for Google's “machine learning” and “RankBrain” technology. Behind the scenes we have the smartest SEO minds in the U.S. Google has a long history of rolling out earth shattering algorithm updates that wipe out online marketing campaigns. With TI, you’re protected. We are out in front and ahead of the curve.

3. Ability to Write Articles for Our Audience - Therapy Insider has a loyal following, with thousands of new subscribers coming on every month.  With your subscription, you will be able to write articles and publish them on  This is an incredible way to get more credibility with new and existing clients.  With your work published on our site, clients will see you as an authority expert in your field.  

4. Mental Health Marketing Consultation - We provide members with FREE insider marketing coaching and consultation. As a Therapy Insider Marketing member you’ll have access to the secrets sauce for mental health marketing.

5. You’ll Look Good on Mobile Phones - Your Therapy Insider professional profile is designed to be “mobile friendly first”. Seventy-five percent of mental health related Internet searches happen on smartphones. It’s important that you shine on mobile. You’ll also look incredible on desk tops, and tablets.

6. Positive User Experience -  Your prospective clients will quickly get the information they need and want - fast. People interested in your professional services will be able to contact you at your convenience.

What is a The Therapy Insider Micro-website?

Basically, our platform gives you your very own micro-site that is already optimized to meet all the standards required to be found by search engines. This means you don't have to worry. Set it up and it's ready to go.

Theoretically, you won't need to build your own website. With your micro-site you can upload your logo/photos/videos, add a description of your professional services, list the types of therapeutic services, list insurance providers, list your location(s), attach downloadable client documents, post client & colleague reviews, publish blog posts, share with social media, and engage prospective clients through email.

This way, if your personal website isn't performing up to par, your new micro-site will give it the boost it needs.  You won't have to worry anymore about whether or not your are set up correctly.  Most therapeutic professionals are great at what they do, but creating websites that are aligned with Google, Bing and Yahoo isn't something they have time to learn well.  We take care of it for you.

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